Welcome to my studio. Here, I document my adventures in design, illustration, travel, and the life of being a freelancer. Hope you enjoy!

Lifestyle Goals


While I finalized the children's book, The World God Made for Me, my husband and I were packing to say goodbye to Boston and launch a 2 month-remote work stint starting in Alaska, with no plans on where to go next.


And THUS, the first REAL step towards our lifestyle goal began. 

When we got together, neither of us could fathom a life in a cubicle nor staying in one place for too long. Our priorities weren't fixated around work... where life revolves around having a job, to pay the bills, to put your hours in, climb the ladder, and make your way through life with the occasional 2 weeks vacation per year. We wanted more out of life than just a job, and we have been aiming to create a lifestyle where we can be creative with work-related ventures and travel at the same time. The careers we have chosen give us the skills to aid us where we want to go and eventually create something of our own (and be in any part of the world). 


We look at work from the perspective of gaining skills. It's highly valuable to be in a place that challenges you to grow and to learn new things. When things plateau and you feel a bit stunted, try tackling something new. Can be in your same field or something out of left field. Keep it fresh and keep yourself open to new possibilities. 

For quite a while, I was doing a lot of the same old stuff. Mostly digital design for websites and apps. Then an opportunity to design video shoots came up and I tackled it. I was the art director, from set design, to branding, to taking information -powerpoint slides that look like from the 90's- making exciting infographics and re-designing the layout. It keeps me on my toes and I love the challenge.

To lead a more fulfilling life, I'd say figure out your priorities on a personal level (please make it more than just getting married), in your relationships, for your life, and expand from there. Figure out what is truly fulfilling to you. What makes you flourish and come alive? What challenges you? What inspires you? What makes you be the best version of yourself?


Then again, these things can change over time. Through the different paths that life takes you on, you might find yourself wanting something different than even just a year ago. Be open. 

Set goals or a vision to what those desires could substantially look like. 

Mine is to have tiny houses scattered around different countries that we hold dear, hop around, meet new people, experience life, and create beautiful things across the globe. Hey, dreaming is free ;) 


Being a freelancer for the past 5 years has brought so much freedom in creativity and flexibility in location. Wherever there's wifi, I'm good. My only concern is being able to take my art supplies along (which is Lin's biggest pet peeve). 


Lin works as a software engineer/coder/programmer who has been at a consulting studio, which in itself allows working remotely as a viable career option. Although, in his company it hasn't always been the case, and they prefer everyone to be in the office. But Lin brought this concern up to his boss, after being there for a few years, saying this is where he wanted to be headed. So -on a trial basis- he was granted to go remote for a few months. WOOHOO! And where else to do it than in the beautiful ALASKA! 

AbiReid_EagleHomer AK

And what a time to be at the Reid's house! They had a litter of 9 puppies! And these are the 2 that we couldn't live without. Cricket and Smokey. *I'm melting just seeing these two when they were pups* They were great helpers ;)


Ok, one more to really get you going.

Cricket puppy

Now, time difference is a killer as we needed to keep to Eastern Standard Time, which is 4hrs! That meant starting work at 5am but finishing work would be at 1 or 2pm. Now, how about that!

Life can be challenging, every person's situation is different. People ask me about how do I get the money to travel, being able to do different things. And I say, if it's your priority you can too. Make some changes.

I was just watching a show where they design luxurious tiny houses (they look UHmazing!) and this couple packed up their huge house -quasi mansion- with their 3 kids into a freakin' tiny house! Because HEY, it was their priority to have more family time and to live more meaningfully.  

I know that you can make a shift if it is your priority. Work on it. Take the first steps. Make it happen. 

Here in the Last Frontier

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