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Sight for Sore Eyes

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This winter, I don't know about you, but at a point it seemed like it would never end! But what I had my eyes set on this whole teeth-numbing time was knowing I was going to soak up all things red and turquoise in the warm Arizonan sun. Excuse the harshly pale skin ;)

Now, I'm a sucker for semi-precious stones and oh boy did I drop some mullah on those beauties. Going to South West and not pick up some turquoise is sacrilegious in my book... I even got myself a turquoise pedi to match (obsessed much?)

There's something so mystical about this place. Maybe it's all the vortexes, crystals, and all the *heaps* of kombucha that really puts you in a state of serenity. Who knows... but I like it!

On thing's for sure... I could only bare going in the winter/spring time. My freckles and the heat would probably consume me in the summer time.


Out of my love for the "sparklies" (as my husband calls it) and all things pretty, I want to give you a taste of the eye candy.

Click HERE to download screen savers for your phone.

It should be the right size, but let me know if it's not and I can change it.

Arizona screen savers


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