Welcome to my studio. Here, I document my adventures in design, illustration, travel, and the life of being a freelancer. Hope you enjoy!

Here in the Last Frontier

At the time I made that last blog post, I didn't really know for certain that a shift was coming. But I guess something out there caught wind of it and now we're back in Alaska! Doing our own thing, making a new chapter, and figuring it out as we go with the end goal in mind... creating something of our own to create a life full of freedom.

Sorry for the lack of quality/finesse in these videos and photos, they were just quick snapshots. 

I feel full, whole and content. Everything fits and feels right. There are still things left uncertain, but there's a beauty of tackling the unknown when you feel like you're in the right place. I trust that gut instinct that let's me know I'm on the right path. 

It's a funny thing to consider, that instinct. When it tells you "this is not for you" even when everything seems perfect; it's what you've always wanted. Then later on, you find yourself in a less than perfect situation, but it feels right. And you end up in the place where you belong for that moment in time.

I go through the motions of reason and logic, making sure everything makes sense. But in the end, it's my instinct that wins. 

Enough of the reflection, here's what we've been up to!

Here is a view of our favorite office space and a preview of the web app/website Lin is working on -naturally, I'm the hired designer. ;) We are working against the clock to get this ready for summer. This little town of Homer, Alaska basically revolves around the summer season and it just comes alive. Known as the Halibut Capital of the World -what a title!- it boasts incredible fishing as people from all over come to get a piece of it. This is our area of focus with this site. Helping people book charters and helping charters have a broader reach to new customers.

Not only does Homer have great fishing, it has everything you would want all in a condensed area. Even Alaskans come to Homer for vacation... it's just THAT BEAUTIFUL. Give me a holler if you're ever in the area.

Aside from work, we are working on our living space to make it our own little haven. We're at Lin's family's house. More specifically, in the basement of the garage. 

Originally it had been the workshop for the family's business. They are Eagle Eye gallery, an aerial photography business that does spectacular panoramic photos around the world. We essentially moved into a room that had HUGE printers, HUGE laminators, HUGE foam core cutter contraptions, not to mention all the materials that go with it, along inventory that has accumulated over the years! It's a great space with a lot of potential, but since Ian -Lin's dad- is away doing special training in this new age, high tech helicopter (AutoGyro-Caladus) we need to keep all the business items in here. 

I'm excited to share this process with you and tag along as this new adventure unfolds! 


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