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Grown Up Easter DIY

Grown Up Easter DIY

Who else is tired of those dyed eggs at Easter? Why don't we spice it up a bit and make it more chic and fun! There are tons of resources for coloring and decorating eggs. You can go all natural with purple cabbage or onion skins, or even could print a design on temporary tattoo paper, now that can be a whole lot of fun.


I filled some of my eggs up with confetti, messages AND one is filled to the rim with GLITTER... which one is it?!

As us kids grow older, I found this fun spin on it where it's like tag but with the STDs of crafts: GLITTER! *sparklies* *oooh* *aaah* Fill them up with crazy colors of pretty messes BUT fill one with glitter. Or if you want to make it even more risky, leave one egg raw ;)

More about the game on one of my favorite blogs: DIY party confetti egg game

I'm a sucker for games. I'm usually the one coordinating something during holidays (but having people be up for it is another story... turkey coma? who cares!). One of my favorites growing up was the Easter Egg hunts.

easter eggs

In our big family of 30 odd grandkids, we would scatter eggs across our grandparents' -vast- yard in the Paraguayan Chaco, (now, to describe it is pretty much like how it is in the outback in Australia, there are poisonous creatures lurking around, especially snakes) so there was a fear factor involved too. BUT along with the eggs is the much prized chocolate egg as big as your face and filled with goodies inside it!! Ever see those in the latino corner stores around this time of year? They are every kids dream for Easter!

eggcelent easter

The kids in my family were some of the older ones and my younger sister was -probably- the smartest. She was passing all the eggs left and right! She didn't care about the undesirables, she had her eyes set on that chocolate egg. I think the rest of us in our family quickly caught on and were on that track too. But what do you know... she found that thing 4 years in a row! 

easter message

Have an EGGCELENT Easter, be creative and happy hunting!!

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