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California Dreamin' on Such a Winter's Day

California Dreamin' on Such a Winter's Day

What a whirlwind of a week! I left the super snow in Boston. Stayed in Bridgeport, CT. Went to brother's birthday in Scarsdale, NY. Bridgeport for the night. Train to NYC. Subway to Brooklyn. Paint for 4 days straight. Trains back to Scarsdale. Next morning, give a talk to high schoolers about my career in Norwalk, CT (blog post about that later). Back to Bridgeport (hey hubs!) drive together to Philadelphia. Attend a beautiful wedding. Drive from Philly back to Boston in a snowstorm. Yay!

WAIT.... so painting you say? 


It's been ages since I saw my good friend -who's kicking butt in Brooklyn, NY- Jove Meyer, the fabulous wedding planner who's all the craze right now. For almost a year, we've been set on making a mural in his apartment... but the main question was always WHEN would it work for the both of us?!


As a freelancer, sometimes you have lag time between projects and this was the perfect time to take off my designer hat and dedicate a good chunk of time on this mural, and it was such a welcomed change of pace.

Jove and I became friends when we were in the Bay Area about 10 years ago. Originally being from California, Jove wanted to wake up to the West Coast every morning and gave me a photo he took along the Pacific Coast Highway as reference. What a vision this guy has!

mural abi reid

It took 4 days to cover the 116 sq foot wall from start to finish and it definitely is my largest painting by a long shot. I mentioned this might be the largest thing I'll ever paint in my life! Although, Jove is convinced a new record topper is in my future. BRING IT ON

Grown Up Easter DIY

Grown Up Easter DIY