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Woodland baby shower

Woodland baby shower

As usual, it's been forever since my last post and a LOT has been going on! We bought a piece of property here in Alaska and the husband is currently working solo on building our house while we have a new addition to the family coming in about a month! 

We just had our baby shower and want to show you all the neat stuff my auntie squad and I put together for it!

AbiReid_Guess my birthday

The overall lifestyle I wanted for the baby shower --and even just for how I want to raise my kid-- is for it to be as wild, natural and down to earth as possible. And it was so great to see how everything could be reused, recycled or even just tossed out the window (we used branches and pinecones as part of our decor). 


The signage was as sweet as can be.

We had a lovely crepe bar with quiche and bread pudding. And of course, what's brunch without some lovely Mimosa options! 


Trying to be as environmentally conscious about what I bring into our new life, I try to be as simple and sparing in what I buy and go only with the necessities that a baby needs... which isn't much. And where I can, I go as second-hand as I can get. Not only because baby stuff is outrageously expensive, but to reduce the waste that comes with buying all this new stuff to only be used a few times before it's not usable anymore. 

Since I had already bought all the second-hand clothes my kid would need for his first year, I asked for my friends to bring second-hand books instead of new clothes or toys


We received so many adorable hand-made gifts I can't put them all up. From an adorable quilt made by the new Grandma-to-be, a gorgeous quilted pillow from Lin's aunt, knitted alpine pants, a fleece and felted hooded onesie with in-built mittens and closed feet, a crocheted owl swaddle with an owl beanie to match, and this adorable mobile that my sister crafted. 

Being in Alaska meant my family couldn't be there, so we had them at least in the digital form via skype. Talk about multi-tasking! But it was so great to see their faces on this special day


Recognize the masks? Made these years back for my wedding!

And what would I do without these precious souls that fill me up with so much love. And are the best auntie -and grandma- squad I could ever ask for!

This little guy doesn't know all the love that is coming his way. 

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