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God's Hope for America

God's Hope for America is a nation-wide tour that is open to all faiths to come together on the basis of "Remember, Revive, and Reimagine God's Hope for America".

I got involved in the project at the stage where the client only knew they wanted to do a revival tour... and that was it. So the project officially started with the conversation of just knowing we wanted to do something patriotic. Over the next couple of days we brainstormed on a name. Once we had our "AHA!" moment, the ball started rolling on logos and stylistic feel for the campaign. 

As we got a consensus on the logo and postcards, I expanded the designs to our iconic stamp, social media ads, bus decals, banner templates, merchandise, and collectibles for the tour. 

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Cafe Veloz

Cafe Veloz

BCSF | 10 years

BCSF | 10 years