Welcome to my studio. Here, I document my adventures in design, illustration, travel, and the life of being a freelancer. Hope you enjoy!

Introduction... sorta

Lately, I've been debating about changing the label that I have identified with my whole life, who I am known as... Abi Zambon. But I've decided to finally take the plunge to Abi REID!  

So... this happened

Photography by  Amara Photo

Photography by Amara Photo

What a crazy day and what a memorable life. Never gets boring. This is my Alaska man and we currently live in Boston with onward dreams of new places to explore. 

We started getting to know each other right after I had graduated college. At graduation, my dad had invited 2 girls with whose family he spent a week with, while on an impromptu trip to Alaska... of course, with the intention I somehow get warmed up to the idea of talking to their brother. 

When dad came home from his trip, he said "you've got to meet this guy!" The rolling of the eyes happened quite often with him making remarks about how I needed this mystery man. 

Out of the blue, dad makes a side comment that this guy's sisters will be on the East Coast soon and that we should invite them to the graduation. Immediately, all my hairs shot up... (once dad has an idea in his head, he's going to go through with it no matter what) I tried to convince him otherwise and that it was a bad idea. How awkward would that be for them? Being with a family they've never met for a few days? After our little talk, we didn't mention it again. I thought it sank in.

Lo and behold, as I'm leaving the stadium to reunite with my family after getting highest honors from the University of Bridgeport and the state of Connecticut... I see the 2 sisters. *Awkward laugh* I guess we'll have to make the best of it. It turned out to be a lot of fun! And no talk about the real reason why they were invited over in the first place, this is great!.... Did they know? I won't bring it up. 

On the last day they stayed, I took them out to my favorite cafe. As we're walking in, out of nowhere "So, you and my brother, huh?" *panic* I actually forget what I said. But I had no way of gauging the whole thing if I didn't know who he was, where he's at in life, etc.. 

Then one morning, mom comes in my room. Sits on my bed. She says, "Abi, you have no idea what dad just did." Dad sent him an email alright. And he didn't skimp on the formalities, he basically said that he wanted us to get married and that I wanted to, as well. All day I was pacing around the house trying to figure out what to do! Finally, I decided to find him on Facebook. Sent him a message saying that I was sorry for that email, that I did not intend on getting married. Dad is just a very inspired-driven kind of guy. And that I know his sisters, I think they're amazing... I'm down for talking, what do you think?

"Yeah, I felt it was a very 'inspired' email" he responded. It was a long message, which showed a point of view that was unlike anything I've encountered before, and it blew me away. He was in his last year of uni in New Zealand, at the time. And I was in it only to be friends.

And here we are, 4 years from that point. It's been quite an adventure.