I'm a freelancer offering an array of design and illustration services to clients who are in need of strategic problem solving.

With a desire to help people, my goal is to work with you to create something you’ll feel confident about and that’ll help you stand out from the crowd. 

I strive to create a positive and transparent environment — one that results in an overflow of remarkable ideas & solutions! It is my job to keep expectations high, elevate our level of thinking, and design with a purpose so that we can create something memorable.

My Story

Over here, my work, life, and adventure overlap.  

I started freelancing after graduating in 2010 and it's brought a variety of projects on my plate while allowing me to experience many aspects of life. I have a knack for small details, quirky drawings, and clean design. 

Every project is unique and it's exciting to bring an idea to life.

One of my biggest passions is getting out into the world and learning how each culture experiences and perceives what life is all about. It continually blows my mind. 

I now reside in Boston, MA with my -also adventurous- husband from Alaska. Who knows for how long we'll stay and where to next?